What is an Ichijo technological home?

We aren’t looking to add more touch screens to your life. We dig deeper to create homes that embrace form and function with technology at the core. It’s technology that naturally enhances your home and life and technology that can save you money for years to come. Our magnetic door stop is just one of our technologies.

What is an Ichijo technological home? It’s the combination of Ichijo’s unique in-house contemporary designs, award-winning energy efficient building and cool innovative proprietary products. One such product is the magnetic door stop shown here. For a full list of technologies, visit: https://ichijousa.com/features/

Stop by this weekend to visit one of our communities in Oregon or Washington to learn about our technologies first hand. We are selling in Happy Valley, Oregon, as well as Sammamish, Black Diamond, Kent and University Place in Washington. Visit our community page for more information: https://ichijousa.com/communities/