2011 Development of the Year - zHome

Energy Star Homes

2011 Design & Build Winner with FSC

The zHome Project

2011 WaterSense Award

Meeting the U.S. EPA criteria for water-efficient homes, zHome

2012 Good Design Award

Award from Japanese Home Design Association for zHome Project

2011/2012 Development of the Year, zHome

NW Energy Star

2012 BASF Builders Challenge Award

For maximized home performance, zHome Project

2012 Excellence in Construction

ABC Alternative Energy Category, zHome

2012 Built Green Hammer Award

Builder, Small

2013 Built Green Emerald-Star for zHome

Built Green highest level rating

zHome Salmon-Safe Certified since 2011

zHome, Issaquah Highlands

BASF Builders Challenge Award

Department of Energy

2015 Built Green Hammer Award

Builder, Small Production

2016 Green Building Slam Award

Sun Ridge, Issaquah, WA

2016 DesignLens Excellence - Sakura Heights

John Burns Real Estate Consulting

2016 Design Leader

Sakura Heights, Kent, WA

Earth Advantage® Certified

Certified energy-efficient, healthy and resource-wise

2019 Green Home Builder of the Year, New Builder

Earth Advantage®


This has been an incredible process. We feel so lucky to have the home that we do and to be in here enjoying it. We know that there aren’t a lot of folks, a lot of friends that have had this opportunity. It’s something that we are so thankful for. We had such a great experience working with Ichijo.
Nina and Andrew Harrison, Sun Ridge Homeowners

I’m very happy with my Ichijo townhouse. The layout is bright, spacious and efficient. The technology and appliances are modern and work extremely well. The construction is solid, well insulated and shows Ichijo builders are craftsmen.
Edmund vonAllmen, Sammamish Townhome Homeowner

We absolutely love our Ichijo house! More than that, we appreciate all of the time and effort they put into working with us. We recently purchased the Harrison Court home from it’s previous owners, as we were drawn to it’s exceptional quality, energy-saving construction, and superior design. It is clear the Ichijo teams puts thought into their work and it makes us feel good knowing we can reduce our environmental impact by living in a green home.

When we moved in, the house needed some repairs on the windows and siding. We brought up some questions and concerns with the Ichijo team and they went above and beyond our expectations to get things fixed. They were responsive, communicative, professional, thorough, and extremely generous with their time and resources. My husband and I feel very thankful to have purchased a home built by builders who stand by their quality of work, especially over time.
Chelsea Oliver, Harrison Court Homeowner