Seven Reasons to Choose Induction Cooking Over Gas


1. Safe – Almost 50% of residential fires are caused by cooking equipment (National Fire Protection Association). Because there is no open flame, it will enhance kitchen safety when you are cooking especially with children around.

2. Fast Heating and Cooling with Precise Control of Temperature – cook food more quickly than gas burners, and far more quickly than electric coils. Also, enjoy precise temperature control and low-temperature simmer with induction.

4. More energy-efficient than other cooktops. They heat the pans directly instead of transferring heat from burners to pans.

5. Cooler Cooking in Summertime – Because an induction range will not waste as much heat, it will help keep your kitchen cooler and more comfortable in warm weather.

6. Easy Cleaning – Just wipe down the surface. No need to lift burners and clean and no food baked on the surface since the surface remains cool.

7. Cleaner air. Cooking just one dish on a gas stove creates more NO2 pollution (13-190 parts per billion, or ppb) in the kitchen than is legal for outside air in the U.S. The EPA’s legal limit is 100 ppb.

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