Save Money While Protecting Your Home

Included in Ichijo’s homes are $7,000 worth of upgrades for Rain Screen Systems! The Rain Screen System on the wall panels has many benefits including:

• Allows for rain water drainage and evaporation by creating a break between the siding and sheathing; protecting your home from the elements.

• Reduces hot OR cold air movement through the wall creating a more comfortable environment and saving you money at the same time by reducing your energy bill.

Also, the additional 2” EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) exterior insulation increases the R value from R21 to R29 saving you even more money with 15% less heat loss than a standard home. This additional exterior insulation can be seen on our panelized homes in Grand View Meadows and upcoming communities.

See this Ichijo technology at Grand View Meadows and the Knolls!