Another great technology – solar! Come find out how to save energy and money by upgrading to solar. The Federal Tax Credit will never be better!

Energy efficiency and green sustainable building are important values to Ichijo.  Solar panels are a natural addition to Ichijo homes.  Many of our homes are solar ready so you can add solar panels with the purchase of your home or in the future. Our typical solar systems cover a third to all of the home’s energy needs. And, yes, solar works in the Pacific Northwest! Our long summers are perfect for generating solar electricity and the rain also helps by cleaning the panels which increases the efficiency.
Solar equipment and installation costs are the lowest they have been in history!  Solar also provides a clean source of energy and saves you money off of your monthly electric bill.  Too much upfront cost can be absorbed in your mortgage so you pay monthly for the solar system.  For many, the additional amount added to the mortgage is offset greatly by the the monthly electricity savings, especially with our record low mortgage rates!  Also, the Federal Tax Credit of 26% will continue to be reduced each year, so now is the right time to add solar to your home.  And solar is 100% sales tax exempt!  For all these reasons, upgrading your home to solar now is not only environmentally good but also can be a wise financial decision over time.  We have calculated that the system will be paid off in about 5 years.
The Ichijo i-cube energy-efficient building envelope provides energy savings by keeping your heat or cool air inside.  Our all electric net-zero energy ready homes are not only ecofriendly, but smart.  Visit our Reed’s Crossing or Grand View Meadows communities in Oregon to learn more.  We are all sold out in Washington until early next year when sales will begin at Ten Trails and Momiji Grove.
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